In June 2023, the ACDC hydro project hosted a workshop, led by Peter M. Rudberg and with the participation of Pedro Brufao, at the Iberian Conference on River Restoration that compared and contrasted the experiences of different EU countries, including Spain, Sweden and Finland, of addressing complexity despite conflicting interests in the governance and management of hydropower production and river restoration. The powerpoint of the presentation (in Spanish) and the presentation of Finnish experiences (in English), by Niko Soininen, can be viewed online.

In September 2023, the ACDC hydro project hosted the first hybrid reference group meeting, with 15 reference group members, in Uppsala. The seminar was hosted by Annika Nilsson and included a presentation by Jan Darpö, on Natura 2000, and Peter M. Rudberg, on research approach, followed by valuable discussions and feedback from the reference group members. The presentation by Jan Darpö (in Swedish) on Natura 2000, can be viewed online.